Business Plans

A business plan is a document that details the objectives, financial forecasts, strategies and the market in which your new business will operate.

When you embark on the process of starting out on your own, it’s vital to have a realistic and up-to-date business plan for a number of reasons – chief among which is that it will be seen, read and scrutinised by the people you will be asking investment from, people like your bank manager, private equity firms, grant providers and potential investors. Additionally, it will assist your in-house team by letting them know exactly where you want your business to go in the first few years.

Not Just Accounting doesn’t just save time and money on bookkeeping, payroll, accounts and VAT for established companies, we believe wholeheartedly in developing relationships right from the very start of your journey into the business world and can save you time and money even before you start. We will help you write a concise, accurate and detailed business plan that will –

  • Focus your aims and objectives for the short to medium term
  • Assist you in spotting potential pitfalls and downsides before they happen
  • Help you to efficiently structure your financial responsibilities

If you’ve just started a business or it’s an option you’re seriously considering, please contact us today for an informal chat and a no obligation quote.