That’s right! Shaumit Saglani, our Founder, was the first FreshBooks Certified Bean Counter in the UK!

What does that mean for you?

That means that you can avail yourself of this great, easy to use cloud software to ensure your business is humming. With FreshBooks, you’re not tied to your desk invoicing, checking on payments, finding out if your expenses this month are too high, etc. because you can access your business everywhere – that’s right – from your iPad or iPhone to your desktop and tablet – your data is right there, backed up and secure in the cloud.

FreshBooks is built with small business owners in mind. It will help you get organized and, more importantly, get paid. You’ll be tracking time, logging expenses and invoicing your clients professionally and quickly in minutes.

Hand over the reins (or a login) to Shaumit and that data will power your reports, your taxes and a variety of other aspects of your business – seamlessly.

Click here to check out Shaumit’s Certificate.