Start Ups

The needs of a brand new business are, obviously, very different from the needs of a fully developed business, or even a small business that’s been around for a while.  Startups are often an entrepreneur with a dream and a need to acquire customers quickly while ensuring the cash outlay is minimal.  We can help!

We offer a full range of accounting and bookkeeping solutions geared towards helping entrepreneurs and start-ups get off the ground successfully, sustain growth, and run efficiently.  We can help by providing only the resources you need without the added cost of the resources you don’t (yet!).  Our solutions can include getting your accounting system set up properly, ensuring your payroll is set up and moving along, and all those other pesky little financial bits that can keep you up at night.

When you partner with Not Just Accounting to manage these core details, you’re free to reclaim your time and focus on serving your customers.